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Pamätník Palatína Jozefa

Monument to Palatine Joseph

The monument was erected by the Hradok Comorian estate in memory of the residence of the crown prince, Archduke Joseph of Habsburg, palatine of Hungary, who in 1804 resided here during a hunt in the local forests.

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Vodná nádrž Čierny Váh

Water reservoir Black Váh

The Čierny Váh water reservoir is a valley water reservoir in Liptov, it was built on the middle course of the Váh spring of the same name in the second half of the 20th century. It is part of the Vážská Cascade dam system. The tank has a volume of 3.7 million m³ of water.

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Lesnícka odada Čierny Váh

​Forest settlement Čierny Váh

The forestry settlement of Čierny Váh was established already in the first half of the 18th century due to the need to manage forestry activities in this area belonging to the royal chamber on the territory of Kráľová Lehota at an altitude of 741 m above sea level. m.

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Lesnícky Cintorín Čierny Váh

Forest cemetery Čierny Váh

The settlement and cemetery of former forest employees was established in the first half of the 18th century on the territory of Kráľová Lehota. Part of the cemetery is the Chapel of St. Trinity and the wooden belfry.

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